This Man Couldn’t Stop Shaking but He Overcame His Nervousness and Gave a Stellar Performance

Christopher Maloney’s journey to X Factor UK is a testament to the power of self-belief and perseverance. The English singer from Liverpool has wanted to sing on X Factor UK for over 5 years. Christopher Maloney filled out an X Factor UK application every year but ended up throwing it into the trash every time. The main reason that Maloney never performed is that people told him he would embarrass himself. Ultimately, this made him lose confidence in himself.

Chris Maloney Is Nervous but Gives a Stellar Performance.

Despite the discouragement, Maloney continued to nurture his dream. His persistence paid off when his 76-year-old grandmother convinced him to audition and he decided to go for it. He sang Bette Midler’s ‘The Rose’ and the audience couldn’t hold back their tears as he impressed them all with his voice.

The audience was moved to tears by his soulful rendition, and Maloney’s confidence soared as the judges and viewers praised him for his exceptional talent. You can see his reaction and how his confidence level skyrocketed as the audience cheered him on.

Watch the X Factor UK audition of Christopher Maloney where he performs Bette Midler’s The Rose…


This is a great example of believing in yourself and blocking out the haters. If you want something in life, just go after it! Self-belief and perseverance are crucial in achieving your goals, and it is essential to tune out the negative voices that may try to discourage you.

In the end, Maloney’s dream came true, and he went on to become a fan favorite on the show. His story serves as a reminder that with hard work, determination, and the right support, anything is possible. Today, Maloney continues to pursue a career in music, releasing several singles and an autobiography called ‘Wildcard.’

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