Virginia Man Heads off to Work but Not Before Hilariously Sliding Down His Driveway on Black Ice

Virginia Man Tim Besecker Slides Down His Driveway on Black Ice.

Just like this good person helping a driver stuck on the ice at a stoplight, the ice can get pretty slick on cold days. The worse is black ice because it creates a transparent slippery surface on roads and paved driveways.

A Virginia man found that out when he attempted to make his way to his car on the way to work. Tim Besecker of Ashburn, Virginia was having a great morning until he stepped onto his driveway and amazingly kept his balance while he slid down on black ice. Thankfully, the lawn gently broke his fall on the way down. According to Fox 5, Tim Besecker says, “I was looking for something to grab onto — and there was nothing — so, down I went!”

Watch Tim Besecker hilariously slip and slide down his driveway on black ice…

It wasn’t just another day heading to the office for Tim Besecker since his video is so hilarious, it went viral! His wife posted it on Facebook with the #BlackIceIsReal hashtag and it has garnered over 45 million views and over 1 million shares! Please share this hilarious video of Ashburn man, Tim Besecker slipping on black ice in his driveway with your friends and family.

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