This Mom Hiding in a Pantry Hilariously Sums up Motherhood in 34 Seconds

Being a new parent can be overwhelming but how about being a new mom to quadruplets! If you already saw the viral video where a mother is getting her four kids ready for bed, you have an entirely new level of respect for these moms.

Ashley Gardner Hides From Her Quadruplets in a Pantry to Eat Twizzlers Candy.

Ashley Gardner of Pleasant Grove, Utah, is a proud mother of quadruplets after struggling with infertility for over 8 years. In fact, her daughters are now two-years-old and they love spending time with mom and dad.

While her husband was out shoveling, Ashley Gardner needed a few minutes for some candy and hid in her pantry. She is hilarious and explains that her daughter is peeping under the door and her daughter responds by saying ‘hi!’ while smiling.

Watch this mom, Ashley Gardner as she hilariously sums up motherhood in 34 seconds…


I couldn’t stop laughing as this mom, Ashley Gardner quickly eats a Twizzler so that she can get back to her kids. She had to hide in her pantry since her children want to eat candy too which is basically EVERY kid.

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