She Got a Parking Ticket for Parking 2 Seconds Too Early. The Judge’s Reaction Is Priceless…

I’m no stranger to parking tickets because I’ve had my share of parking violations; however, there were instances when I could have fought it in court but decided it was less trouble to pay the fine. But there are instances when you have to wonder if some meter maids or officers are a little TOO lawful when enforcing parking violations.

Caught In Providence: Woman Gets Parking Ticket for Parking 2 Seconds Too Early.

One woman received a parking ticket for parking in a zone where parking isn’t permitted from 8 to 10 pm. She was issued a parking ticket for parking in that zone at 9:59 pm with 2 seconds remaining before 10 o’clock! Thankfully, she felt it was wrong and decided to fight it in court. Chief judge Frank Caprio of ABC’s Caught In Providence couldn’t help but giggle. His reaction to the ticket will make you smile along with his decision.

This is a real court and a real judge! This episode of Caught in Providence is too funny…


The 80-year-old judge appears on ABC’s Caught In Providence and many other episodes could be seen at their YouTube channel.

Here are some of our favorite comments from the video, “Caught in Providence: Car Clock” by Caught in Providence:

  1. “The fact that this even went to court is a joke.” – robjapan
  2. “Yeah this is funny and all but that cop literally wasted everyone’s time. Does he not have better things to do?” – RAIN
  3. “Best duo in late-night television.” – schmoyoho
  4. “Big joke stealing money from people for parking their car.” – Simon TV
  5. “This is so cute. What a great judge. Playful defendant. LOVE THIS.” – petev23
  6. “Judge: “You were there (pauses) – Oh no!” I DIED LAUGHING~!~!~! 😛 😛 :P” – BeholderGuard
  7. “‘and you were there at-‘ ‘Oh no.'” – Maker Stories
  8. “Thank you, Judge Caprio, you’re a generous man!” – Celsian

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