A Mother Puts Her Triplets and Toddler on the Bed. What Her Kids Did Next Had Me in Stitches!

Super Mom Gets Her Triplets and Toddler Ready for Bed.

If you ever had to put a baby to bed, you know how exhausting it could be; however, imagine getting triplets and a toddler ready for bed at the same time! Corrie-Lynn Whyte of Cambridge, Ontario, Canada is one mom that definitely deserves an award for single-handedly getting all of her kids in their pajamas and ready for bed in epic time.

This super mom also smiles throughout the entire process. The amount of energy she has to do this every single day is impressive. But even with all that hard work, you could tell Corrie-Lynn loves taking care of her four bundles of joy and she is thankful for the help she gets from her partner, Dan Gibson.

Watch this mom get triplets AND a toddler ready for bed at the same time…


At one point, you see the cat in the corner and I think he also wants to get in on the action at one point. Please share this video of a super mom getting her 4 children ready for bed with your friends and family.

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