This Mom Put a Pool Noodle over Her Shower Door Track. The Reason? Totally Genius!

12 Bath Time Hacks to Make Bath Time Safer and More Fun.

When it comes to bath time, kids either love it or they don’t. But, sometimes having a few parenting hacks up your sleeve can make bath time more fun and safer for your kids.

The awesome folks at WhatsUpMOMS have created 12 super bath time tips that will make bath time easier. Whether it’s putting a pool noodle over a shower door track to make it safer for your kids or using a colander to make it rain in the bathtub, kids will love spending more time in the tub!

Watch these bath time hacks to make bath time easier and more fun…


Bath time should be fun for kids but safe too! Using some of these hacks will make it safer and more fun for your kids! Please share these 12 bath time tips with your friends and family.

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