This ‘Shower Rat’ Washing Itself Is the Cutest Thing Ever but It’s Not a Rat

The 'Shower Rat' Washing Itself Is the Cutest Thing Ever but It's Not a Rat.

Seeing animals doing human things is always fascinating. Just like these photos of a squirrel doing human things like camping or doing the laundry, it’s hilarious even when it’s staged.

Electronic DJ Jose Correa of Peru said he saw the rat in a bathroom sink while on his way to take a shower himself. After taking a short video before the rodent ran off, he posted it on Twitter and it immediately went viral. He later posted an HD version of the video on YouTube and watching this rat taking a shower is even more mesmerizing.

Watch this ‘shower rat’ taking a shower…


While the animal does resemble a rat, many biologists who have seen the video claim that it’s more likely a Pacarana. The animal which does resemble a rat but has a thick, furry tail and pacaranas are indigenous to South America.

The ‘Shower Rat’ is most likely not a rat at all but a Pacarana which is indigenous to Peru.

The 'Shower Rat' Washing Itself Is the Cutest Thing Ever but It's Not a Rat. / Benjamin Frable

Whatever it is, the ‘shower rat’ is adorable and takes better showers than some humans! There is a sad part to this story though. This animal was possibly in pain as soap is an irritant for some animals. If you’ve ever gotten soap in your eyes, you know how much it burns. Some have speculated that the rodent was actually trying to get the soap off his body and not technically washing with it. Regardless, only this adorable pacarana knows what he was doing and I’m sure he’s fine.

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