Kids Agree to a Gummy vs Real Food Challenge. After Dish #3, They Probably Wish They Didn’t!

Lately, there has been a lot of food tasting challenges on YouTube. The gummy vs real food challenges seem to be popular and it’s especially fun when kids participate. One thing is for sure though, choosing the dish with the gummy is probably what most people wish for. Choosing the dish with real food is often filled with surprises…gross surprises!

Gummy vs Real Food Challenge Round #2 With Ronald and Karina of SIS vs BRO.

Now that Ronald and Karina from SIS vs BRO have their first gummy vs real food challenge, they are ready for round #2! Let’s just say the chef has cooked up some exotic food that even the most adventurous foodies may be hesitant to try. Let the food challenge begin!

Watch SIS vs BRO compete in their second round of gummy vs real food…


Overall, it seems this brother and sister duo seem to have enjoyed their food challenge once again. Please share Ronald and Karina from SIS vs BRO having a food challenge with your friends and family.

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