2 Young Men Challenge Grandpa to a Break Dance Battle. The Crowd Goes Wild When He Does THIS!

Grandpa Break Dancing Battle Against Two Young Men is Hilarious.

If there is any activity that proves age is just a number, dancing would certainly be one of them. Just like these seniors swing dancing, they could easily keep up with dancers half their age.

Breakdancing started in the early 70s and this grandpa may have just been there when it all started! When the older gentleman noticed two young men breakdancing and also doing some dubstep moves, he decided to challenge them to a friendly break dance battle.

While everyone is a winner in this break dancing battle, grandpa gets a special prize for having the confidence to step up. The crowd enjoyed it and so did the two young men who are talented break dancers.

Watch this grandpa break dancing battle…


Break dancing to Nirvana’s megahit ‘Lithium’ is no easy feat but this trio had all the best dance moves that day. Please share this grandpa break dance battle with your friends and family.

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