Brother and Sister Sing an Amazing Cover of ‘Hero’ by Family of the Year

When shy teenagers Nathan and Eva Leach sat down in their kitchen, I’m sure they knew deep down inside that they would perform an awesome cover of ‘Hero’. The brother and sister duo are making waves on social media. On Youtube, they are garnering thousands of views and praise from people all over the world.

The talented siblings sing perfect harmonies and bring their own special touches to the song. Nathan plays the guitar while Eva provides stunning harmonies. Their voices blend seamlessly, creating a beautiful sound that captivates listeners. The addition of a hand shaker and harmonica towards the end adds a new dimension to the song.

Brother and Sister Sing Cover of "Hero" by Family of the Year.

The original song by Family of the Year is already great. But after watching this video, Nathan and Eva’s cover takes it to another level. They bring a raw and emotional element to the song, making it even more powerful and impactful.

Watch Nathan and Eva Leach perform a cover of “Hero” by Family of the Year…


The duo’s performance has received widespread recognition, with many people praising their talent and creativity. Fans have described their cover as “heartfelt”, “beautiful”, and “magical”. The Leach siblings have even been featured on several music blogs and websites, where they have been lauded for their exceptional musical abilities.

It’s clear that Nathan and Eva have a bright future ahead of them in the music industry. Their Family of the Year cover of ‘Hero’ is just a glimpse of their potential, and it’s exciting to see what else they will come up with in the future. I’m sure you’ll agree that Nathan and Eva Leach’s cover of ‘Hero’ is a stunning rendition of an already great song. Their talent and creativity shine through in their performance, and it’s no wonder why they have garnered so much attention and praise.

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