Honest Commercial Features Nearly Every Type of Parenting Stereotype and It Is Hilarious

Honest Commercial Features Various Parenting Stereotypes.

You’ve probably heard of the snowplow, helicopter,  and showoff parents but parenting is a difficult job and everyone seems to have their own way of parenting. But even if everybody has their own style of parenting, in the end, it’s all about being a responsible parent.

A cute commercial from Similac showcases nearly every type of parenting stereotype and takes place on a playground. While the video starts out with confrontations from nearly every parenting group, it highlights in the latter part of the video that every parent has a common goal.

Watch this funny Similac commercial entitled “The Mother ‘Hood”!


Every parent has an opinion on how to raise their children and that is fine because everybody wants the best for their child. Please share this cute video with every parent you know.

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