19 Hilarious People Who Have No Filter. Just Saying Whatever Pops Into Their Head!

We all know a few people with no filter who will say basically anything that pops into their heads. Basically, they will say anything to offend someone but if you dare say it back to them, then you don’t hear the end of it.

These 19 people also spoke with their mouth instead of their brains but you can’t help but laugh. For them, brutal honesty is the best policy and these people aren’t holding back!

1) Don’t we all want to be told we’re pretty?

19 Hilariously Honest People - Don't we all want to be told we're pretty?
Reddit / modest811

“Hi! What are you seeking on tinder? Validation that I’m pretty.”

2) Her brother is VERY honest.

19 Hilariously Honest People - Her brother is VERY honest.
Reddit / kilodude

“To Ariel. Happy Valentine’s Day to the best sister ever. Mom made me make this card. It kills my soul but I love you anyway. Love Evan.”

3) Brutally honest.

19 Hilariously Honest People - Brutally honest.
Reddit / zz_top_gun

“Ashlee, 22. About Ashlee: I’m a 7 but my personality makes me a 4. Insta: shlee_a.”

4) Trying to meet expectations.

19 Hilariously Honest People - Trying to meet expectations.

“Matthew, 23. About Matthew: When you say ‘Jump!’, I’ll say ‘How high?’ and when you say ‘3 feet’, I’ll reply with ‘That’s too high…I only have a 34 inch vertical’. So really what I’m saying is I hope your willing to settle for 2 inches less than you expected.”

5) Practice makes perfect!

19 Hilariously Honest People - Practice makes perfect!

“Addie, 17. I take hot showers because I like practicing burning in hell.”

6) It’ll be alright.

19 Hilariously Honest People - It'll be alright.
Instagram / @basic__beach

“Hey handsome bearded man. Hey handsome blonde bearded man. What brings you here? A lack of self respect. Yourself?”

7) His mom taught him that honesty is the best policy.

19 Hilariously Honest People - His mom taught him that honesty is the best policy.
Instagram / @jackielyn223

“My mother. My mother’s hair is brown. My mom’s eyes are black. She is as tall as a giant. My mom looks best when she wears makeup.”

8) The last comment is hilarious.

19 Hilariously Honest People - The last comment is hilarious.
Instagram / @redtopmilkk

9) Ouch.

19 Hilariously Honest People - Ouch.
Source Unknown

“2002 Harley Davidson V-Rod. 12,600 miles, nice bike, fast, pretty, great ride, girlfriend pregnant, wife knows, must sell, lawyer wants money. $7,800. Roann, IN.”

10) Very clever.

19 Hilariously Honest People - Very clever.
Source Unknown

“Tim, 29. Much uglier in person. Will ask for nudes. My car has an uncomfortable passenger seat. Rarely pay for a girl’s drink. Often late. My parents give me gift cards for birthday/Christmas because they’re scared I’d buy drugs with cash. Want to buy a gift card?”

11) Don’t hate the player. Hate the game.

19 Hilariously Honest People - Don't hate the player. Hate the game.
Reddit / nyohannes

“I play basketball, and females.”

12) Thanks, mom! I think.

19 Hilariously Honest People - Thanks mom! I think.
Twitter / @JessicaWensley1

“Yes I’m home. That was not a good pic. I thought it was. No.”

13) A little too honest?

19 Hilariously Honest People - A little too honest?
Reddit / 1000snackcakes

“Hi! You’re cute. Do you live up to the reputation of redheads? Haha. What’s the reputation if redheads? I’ve heard a lot of interpretations. Fiery, exotic creatures from a place in between oceans and heavens. Half mermaids, half angels. Oh. Well. This just got awkward. I like pizza and cats. So…”

14) Didn’t we all think this way in high school?

19 Hilariously Honest People - Didn't we all think this way in high school?

“It’s not enough that I should succeed – Others should fail.”

15) Just throwing it out there…

19 Hilariously Honest People - Just throwing it out there...
Reddit / Jandesen

“Head and Company: Netflix and chill? Naw I just want some…”

16) So close…

19 Hilariously Honest People - So close...
Reddit / GallowBoob

“I’m from a small town. How tall r u? 6 foot 8. Wow ur pretty tall. Yeah, some girls like it. But it sucks because I have really long legs and arms and big feet but tiny hands so when I run I look like a goblin sometimes. You there?”

17) Isn’t that the truth?

19 Hilariously Honest People - Isn't that the truth?

“This machine is like your ex. Takes all your money and gives you nothing back. Broken!!!”

18) Swipe right on Tinder?

19 Hilariously Honest People - Swipe right on Tinder?
Reddit / BenZoobs

“Allison, 22. About Allison: Much fatter in person. Hobbies: Just magnets. I may or may not have a mild drinking problem.”

19) Well, at least she’s honest about it.

19 Hilariously Honest People - Well, at least she's honest about it.
Reddit / dbrillz

“The only thing bigger than my ego is my mirror.”

It sometimes pays to stop and think before saying something but these people just didn’t have the time! Please share these hilarious people who don’t have a filter with your friends and family.

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