Funny Golden Retriever Fails Agility Test on TV Show but He Had a Good Reason

Funny Golden Retriever Eats Treats and Fails Obedience Competition

Finnish TV show Koira Mestari, which translates to ‘Dog Champion’ is a program where dogs and their owners compete in various competitions. One, in particular, is the agility test where dogs have to ignore all temptations around them and focus on walking towards their owners.

While the first couple of dogs pass the test with flying colors, the Golden Retriever just wants 3 things: food, water, and toys! He hilariously runs across the course and eats treats while drinking water and also playing with toys and watching it all will have you in stitches. He definitely has his priorities in order and food comes first!

Watch a hilarious Golden Retriever that wants to race but…eats treats.


It’s like a huge buffet line for dogs! I don’t know about you but I don’t think even I would pass that test if the competition had plates of lasagna, pizza, chips, and ribs. Just like this Jack Russell Terrier going crazy at a Rescue Dog Agility competition, this Golden Retriever just wants to have fun!

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