A Golden Retriever Peeked Inside the Washing Machine but What She Pulled Out Melted My Heart

Golden Retriever Rescues Teddy Bear in Washing Machine.

I don’t know about you but if I lose something, I have to tear apart the house until I find it. When a Golden Retriever lost her favorite teddy bear, she probably felt the same way and spent the day looking everywhere for it.

Only when she decides to peek inside the washing machine does she notice something that belongs to her. Her owners knew where her teddy bear was and they setup a camera to capture her reaction. You can’t help but feel relieved knowing that she will have her favorite stuffed toy to sleep with tonight!

Watch this cute Golden retriever rescuing her teddy bear…


Golden Retrievers are aptly named because they always want to retrieve things whether it belongs to them or somebody else and it’s always adorable. Please share this cute Golden Retriever that found her favorite teddy bear hiding in the washing machine with your friends and family.

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