A Puppy Mill Was Busted and 526 Puppies Were Saved. What Happened Next Brought Tears to My Eyes.

Victoria Stilwell Helps Rescued Puppy Mill Dogs Get Adopted.

When Victoria Stilwell, dog trainer extraordinaire, found out that there were hundreds of dogs living in horrific conditions in Georgia, she knew she had to take action. She led an investigation along with the Cherokee County Marshal’s Office and Cherokee County Animal Shelter and successfully busted a puppy mill operator that had been operating since the 1980s.

All 526 dogs and puppies were saved and taken to a temporary animal shelter. The next step was to find each of them a loving family. Unfortunately, some dogs are homeless for years but these puppies were going to be adopted within days. On adoption day, there was a lineup that wrapped along the entire parking lot. Each puppy was matched with a loving owner. A year later, a special celebration was set for the one year anniversary of this epic rescue. To see the joy of all the animals and their owners will bring a smile to your face.

Watch these rescued puppy mill dogs get a second chance at life…


It only takes one person to make a difference and Victoria Stilwell and her team demonstrates how working together can produce positive change. Please share this heartwarming rescue of 526 dogs and puppies with your friends and family.

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