This Cute Westie Just Saw Her Pool in the Backyard and What She Does Will Make You Laugh

Christy the Westie Shows off Her Perfect Pool Diving Technique.

Dogs either love the water or they don’t; however, Christy the West Highland Terrier can’t get enough of her beautiful pool. You may remember when Christy couldn’t wait to go outside and jump in her pool but this time she can’t wait until her human removes her leash.

When he does, she blazes towards the pool at lightning speed and her diving form is equally impressive. She doesn’t waste any time jumping in! Even when she comes out of the water, she immediately dives back in!

Watch this excited Westie showing off her incredible diving skills…

Rumble (<–click if you cannot see the video on mobile)

Westies are known for their playfulness, entertaining personality, and grace. Christy is one excited Westie and she definitely loves staying by the pool. Please share this adorable video of Christy enjoying her pool and showing off her perfect diving form with your friends and family.

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