This Baby Is Cute but Somebody Else Wants All the Attention. He Wants the Camera to Himself! LOL

Katniss is a dog that loves attention. So, you could see how jealous the dachshund felt when the new baby Charlie was stealing some of the limelight away from the dog. Both are adorable in this video and I’m sure that little Katniss will learn to share the love given to him by his owners. After all, that’s what dogs do best, right?

Silly Dog Is Jealous of the Baby and Wants All the Attention.

Katniss the silly dog is jealous of the baby and he really wants to face time with the camera. He’s hilarious and wants the camera zoomed in on him! It’s so funny to see the reaction of Katniss the dog when he notices the camera is not on him. I couldn’t stop laughing! Such a cutie (Charlie too!) and sure this loveable dog and baby will become great friends as they grow up together.

Watch this silly dog being jealous of the baby…


Actually, I think even little kids are sometimes threatened by a new baby since the attention is on somebody else. It’s natural for children (and even pets like Katniss) to feel jealous of a new baby or even older or younger siblings. After all, the baby is taking away some of the attention that was once focused solely on them.

And as any child knows, nothing is more important than getting attention from their parents. They are still loved and a new baby just makes a family stronger, even pets. But of course, we all know that a mother’s love is limitless, and there’s always enough room in her heart for everyone so Katniss has nothing to worry about!

Are dachshunds a family-friendly breed?

Dachshunds are known for being loyal and protective of their families, and they usually get along well with children. They are also relatively easy to train, which is another plus for families with young kids. So if you’re looking for a pet that is both fun and protective, a dachshund like Katniss may be the perfect dog for your family.

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