She Gave Birth to 8 Puppies but Days Later, Was Hit by a Car. I Lost It When I Read THIS…

Most dog owners take tremendous care of their dogs and would do anything to prevent them from being harmed. One dog named Hope did not have a caring owner and left home to find food since she was pregnant and was rarely fed.

Dog Surprises Rescuers After Being in a Coma for 2 Days.

After giving birth to 8 puppies, Hope the dog went out in search of food but was struck by a vehicle and went into a coma. Her owners thought she was dead and called rescuers. When they arrived on the scene, they noticed Hope was still breathing and brought her to the vet.

After being in a coma for 2 days, Hope the dog’s recovery is a miracle…


Momma Hope has so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Her rescuers, 2nd Chance Rescue, and McFarland Animal Shelter are the reasons why she is alive and happy today.

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from the video, “In a Coma for 2 Days, Momma Hope Surprises Rescuers” by PAWsitive:

  1. “fake… dogs can’t write letters 😂” – MINAH THE CHAMPION MUSIC
  2. “Her previous owner should be ashamed of themselves for not getting her spayed when she was younger then for not taking care of her and her pups. I’m hoping she and her puppies find good loving forever homes with people who will get them the vet care they need and love them.” – Diane Vessels
  3. “God bless you for helping this momma dog and her babies 💙🙌🐶” – Hortencia Hernandez
  4. “I truly will never understand how people can be so cruel..these animals lives matter…they are living breathing beings..just as humans are..and deserve to be helped if they need it..not treated cruelly or abused or tortured…” – Linda Hernandez
  5. “Oh god these invisible ninjas cutting onions in my room again!!” – Natasha Ramage
  6. “That made me weepy-eyed. Happy to hear she is recovering and in a loving new home.” – Wendy Shagena

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