He Rescued an Abandoned Baby Duckling and How the Baby Duck Shows Its Gratitude Is Adorable

Adorable Rescued Duckling Follows His Rescuer Everywhere.

Ducks are adorable and they know how to take care of their family; however, sometimes they get in trouble and they need to be rescued. Like, when a Norwegian man rescued a duck that fell through the ice and was drowning. The following abandoned duck strayed away and was lost from his family until a man rescued the tiny duckling and brought it home.

The tiny duckling appreciates getting saved and he adorably follows his rescuer everywhere he goes! Whether he is walking around the house, sitting at his desk, or simply watching TV, his new little friend is always by his side.


I loved it when he started chirping when he couldn’t find his owner. And, was so happy when they were together again. Please share this adorable and clingy little duckling that loves spending time with his rescuer with your friends and family.

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