Two Men Spot a Large Cougar Stuck in a Trap and Bravely Help Free Him

Cougar Released From Trap by Utah Conservation Officers.

It’s amazing how many people put their lives on the line to help others and conversation officers do so to also help animals. Cougars are very dangerous and when a cougar got its paw stuck in a trap, Utah conservation officers knew they had to act quickly.

As both Utah conservation officers start to help him, the cougar hisses and growls at them. There are a lot of tense moments and watching this cougar rescue by brave conservation officers is definitely a nail biting experience!

Watch this nail biting Cougar release…


The video begins with these captions, “One of those things that feels like the “first time” everytime. Releasing a lion from a trap with catchpoles.” It is so true. Please share this video of Utah conservation officers helping a┬ácougar trapped on a mountain top with your friends and family.

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