Zookeepers Were Going to Put This Animal to Sleep but an Intern Built a $5 Solution and Saved Its Life

In Brazil, a cute porcupine had fallen from the roof of a nightclub but was later rescued by the Environmental Police. The animal was taken to the zoo for examination but the prognosis wasn’t what they hoped for. Unfortunately, they found he had a spinal injury which left him paralyzed from the waist down.

Zookeepers Were to Put This Porcupine to Sleep but an Idea Saved Its Life.

The porcupine was suffering and was about to be euthanized. A veterinary intern at Piracicaba Municipal Zoo, Sao Paolo decided to save his life by constructing a homemade wheelchair for the animal.

Paula Cendroeicz de Sousa Matias, Piracicaba Zoo Representative said, “We have two veterinary medicine interns and one of them had seen a chair for dogs made of the same material on YouTube.”


The wheelchair only cost $5 in supplies and provided a second chance at life for this adorable porcupine. Please share this great story with your friends and family.

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