The ‘Daily Grind’ Means Something Different to This Skateboarding Cat with Nimble Moves

Skateboarding Cat Takes the Daily Grind to a Whole New Level.

Australian skateboarding cat Didga knows how to shred and she ain’t afraid to show it. You may have seen Pit Bulls riding skateboards but they don’t have any of the moves Didga has. Cats are incredibly nimble and always land on their feet so it’s only natural that they would rock a skateboard.

The entire video was captured with GoPro camera and in it, you’ll see Didga riding the skateboard with ease. She even has perfectly-timed jumps in some areas that only prove cats can hold their own against any animals on a skateboard or even humans who have no sense of balance like me!


I don’t know about you but I can watch Didga ride that skateboard all day and she even has her own YouTube channel. Please share this hilarious video of Didga the skateboarding cat with your friends and family.

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