People Were out Whale Watching but They Never Expected to See THIS!

Whale Watchers Get Incredible View of Finback Whale in Quebec.

Whales are the largest mammals in the ocean and when you watch drone videos of a humpback whale it gives you chills. When charter boats bring groups out whale watching, there are no guarantees of seeing any whales. Watching one appear up close is a dream for anyone interested in whales and aquatic life.

That is exactly what happened to a whale watching group near Tadoussac, Quebec, while they were watching finback whales on the Saguenay and St. Lawrence rivers. The incredible video was captured by a French tourist, Eric Mouellic, and it shows the finback whale coming only inches away from their boat.

Watch what happens at 00:18! These whale watchers get a thrill of a lifetime!



Whale watching doesn’t get better than this. Here is the video from an angle closer to the boat!


This group definitely got their money’s worth and this magical event is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. That whale was nearly 60 feet in length! Please share this incredible video of a finback whale swimming only inches away from a zodiac inflatable boat with your friends and family.

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