A Drone Flying Over Alaskan Waters Recorded Something You Won’t Believe

A Drone Flying Over Alaskan Waters Captures Whales Feeding.

If you’ve ever went on a whale watching tour, you’ll know that there is no guarantee you’ll get a chance to spot amazing humpback whales. Whales are majestic but what many people don’t know is that they are incredibly agile hunters and work together to capture their prey.

AkxPro has captured amazing footage of humpback whales in Alaska feeding using a technique called ‘bubble net feeding’. They begin by swimming in circles and blow bubbles to create a shrinking wall of bubbles that eventually force a school of fish to the surface.

Vimeo / AkxPro

Whales are highly intelligent and seeing them work together makes them even more incredible. Please share this rare view of these majestic gentle giants of the sea with your friends and family.

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