Vet Hospital Signs Will Make You Howl with Laughter

A vet hospital in Melbourne, Florida, Eau Gallie Veterinary Hospital, regularly displays hilarious messages on their billboard. As cliche as it sounds, laughter is the best medicine and while your pets can’t read these funny vet hospital signs, we’re sure you’ll get a kick out of them!

Watch these funny Melbourne Vet Hospital signs…



Funny Vet Hospital Signs - Live nude dogs! Free lap dances!

“Live nude dogs! Free lap dances!”


Funny Vet Hospital Signs - The only balls your dog needs are the one he fetches.

“The only balls your dog needs are the ones he fetches” and “If you don’t talk to your cat about catnip who will?”


Funny Vet Hospital Signs -

“We like big mutts and we can not lie.”


Funny Vet Hospital Signs - No hump wednesdays 10% off spay and neuter.

“No hump Wednesdays 10% off spay and neuter.”


Funny Vet Hospital Signs - Paw your bra and check those puppies once a month.

“Paw your bra and check those puppies once a month.”

H/t: Huffington Post

The sign above was for breast cancer awareness month and a very clever way to raise awareness. I think it’s safe to say that pets hate going to the vet but with signs like this, pets would get a chuckle out these if they could read!

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