A Dog Fell Through Thin Ice and What One Brave Man Did Is Beyond Heroic

Animals often get themselves into trouble and it’s always a blessing when someone is there to help. Just like this dog stuck in icy waters, the same situation happened again when a dog fell through thin ice in Kostroma, Russia. Bystanders quickly called emergency services but the dog needed help quickly if it was to survive.

Shirtless Man Saves Dog That Fell Through the Ice in a Pond.

A man driving by saw what was happening and quickly get out of his car and began removing some of his clothes. He did so to remove some weight from his body as he ran on the ice, risking hypothermia to try to save the dog in distress. He ran towards the dog and tried to pull it out of the water; however, repeatedly got bit as the dog was scared and panicking.

Watch this shirtless hero saving a dog that fell through the ice…


After several attempts, the brave man managed to grab the scruff behind the dog’s neck and pull him out safely. Please share this shirtless hero who saved a dog minutes away from freezing to death with your friends and family.

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