She Reunites a Soldier With a Service Dog Who Saved His Life and It Will Warm Your Heart

She Reunites a Soldier With a Service Dog Who Saved His Life.

Military dogs are crucial as they help sniff out bombs and landmines that would otherwise go unnoticed by soldiers. A yellow lab named “Tay-Tay” has been so successful in ensuring the safety of soldiers that the Taliban actually had a bounty on her head.

Now retired, she is ready to get adopted. One woman, Molli, wanted to reunite Tay-Tay with a military vet, Sgt. Tom Hanson, that spent a lot of time with her during her service. He helped protect her and like any great service dog would do, she returned the favor.

Molli works as a flight attendant but her other passion is to reunite retired service dogs with soldiers who spent time with these dogs while on deployment. When Tay-Tay is finally reunited with Hanson, it will bring a tear to your eye.

Watch how a woman is reuniting vets with their retired service dogs…


Molli covers all of the expenses out of pocket and she does it for all the happy moments when she reunites service dogs with military vets. If you like this story, you’ll enjoy these other soldier reunions.

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