She Fed Them Artichoke Dip Live on the Air. Then, Things Went Terribly Wrong! OMG!

Global News Team in Calgary Agrees Holiday Artichoke Dip Tastes Funky.

The holidays are all about meeting with friends and family and that also means lots of food and lots of drinks. We always try out new recipes every year to have something different but not all recipes turn out to be delicious.

Global News’ Leslie Horton wanted to share her new recipe for holiday artichoke dip but something wasn’t right. When her fellow newscasters at Global News in Calgary decided to sample a bite, their reaction says it all.

Watch how this artichoke dip taste test goes terribly wrong on-air…


They were good sports for trying the holiday artichoke tip but in the end, none of them could actually end up eating it! Please share this hilarious moment when newscasters sampled holiday artichoke dip that wasn’t truly edible with your friends and family.

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