9 Beagles Were Rescued From a Laboratory in Nevada. They Never Walked Outside Until Now…

Beagle Freedom Project Rescues 9 Beagles From Nevada Laboratory.

It’s an unfortunate fact that some animals are used in laboratories. Thankfully, inhumane treatment of animals in labs is increasingly being legislated against. Even worse, after laboratory tests are completed, many animals are euthanized even if they are healthy but some animal shelters and rescue organizations don’t let this happen.

One such organization, Beagle Freedom Project, rescued 9 beagles from a research lab in Nevada. These beagles were bred for research and have never walked outside or felt loved by any human being until now. Once you see their reaction after being freed, you’ll instantly smile.

Watch this amazing rescue of 9 beagles from a reseach laboratory in Nevada…


I can’t imagine how that first day must have felt for them and you almost see them smiling as they run and play together outside. Please share this heartwarming event when beagles were rescued from a research laboratory with your friends and family.

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