A Sad Dog Was Found Living in a Dumpster for Over 11 Months. His Transformation Is Incredible…

Cowboy the Blue Heeler Dog Gets Rescued After Found Living Under a Dumpster.

It’s heartbreaking to find animals that are malnourished or left to fend for themselves. The rescuers at Hope for Paws are terrific at finding and saving dogs just like when they saved a severely matted poodle and changed her life.

This time, they received a call about Cowboy, a Blue Heeler that was living under a dumpster for over 11 months. The Blue Heeler dog was abandoned in Compton, California but thankfully, a good samaritan would leave food and water nearly every day. She later called Hope for Paws when she saw one of their dog rescue videos online. When they found Cowboy the Blue Heeler dog, they coaxed him with burgers and were able to bring him to a shelter to get a much-deserved bath and some tender loving care.

Watch his heartwarming rescue of a Blue Heeler dog living under a dumpster for over 11 months…


Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from this video, “After living under a dumpster for 11 months, this Blue Heeler dog gets rescued and goes from SAD to HAPPY!” by Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel:

  1. “I’m always amazed how dogs can trust humans again so quickly, after being so betrayed by some of us.” – João Santos
  2. “For being on the streets for almost a year, he sure is friendly. Loved when he jumped into her arms.” – Phil Brown
  3. “Queensland Heelers/Australian Cattle dogs are very devoted to their owners. I can’t imagine the confusion and sadness this dog felt. Great that he got a wonderful home!” – Joyce Nesselhauf
  4. “Thanks for rescuing this beautiful dog.” – neonia hazelwood
  5. “I had a blue healer. The sweetest dog ever and her loyalty knew no bounds. Thank you for rescuing this dear boy.” – Dee Marie Dubois

It was so cute when he was observing the kitten. Cowboy the Blue Heeler dog has gone from sad to happy all thanks to the rescuers at Hope and Paws. Please share this heartwarming rescue and transformation of Cowboy the Blue Heeler dog with your friends and family.

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