A 4-Year-Old and His Dad Spent the Day Together and What They Did Had Me Cheering

‘Like father, like son’ couldn’t be any more appropriate when it comes to Keith Silva and his 4-year-old son.  Silva is a professional dance choreographer and when he turned on a remix of the theme song from ‘Little Einsteins’, he and his son had an epic dance-off that will have you in stitches.

Cute Little Einsteins Dance Off Between A Dad and His Son.

Together, they are both incredible and his son will make a great dancer when he grows up because he already has smooth moves. Just like the best father-daughter dance ever, this father and son dance-off is adorable. They are going to be a hard act to follow if they ever perform professionally in the future!

Watch this father and son do the Little Einsteins dance…


This father and son duo is talented and they are lucky to share a common interest that they’re passionate about. Please share this cute father and son having a Little Einsteins dance-off with your friends and family.

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