A Farmer’s Horse Falls Into a Pit. When He Whispers “Don’t Die” in Her Ear, She Does THIS!

One of the worst scenarios would have to be seeing someone you love, even your favorite pet, in trouble and feeling powerless while trying to rescue them. For one farmer in Poland, Marek Słodkowski, this turned out to be a reality.

Freedom the Horse Gets Rescued After Falling in a Pit.

His beautiful horse named Freedom accidentally fell into a maintenance pit inside Słodkowski’s barn in Poland and was stuck there for over 12 hours. After the discovery, he tried to stuff the pit with hay so that she could continually compact it with her feet and get extra footing but it didn’t work.

She was exhausted and her condition was weakening to the point of her almost giving up. He then decided to call the fire department. When a crew arrived, they tried to lift her out and you’ll be surprised by their efforts.

Watch Freedom the horse’ amazing rescue…


Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from the video, “GoPro Awards: Freedom The Horse is Liberated” by GoPro:

  1. “Not gonna lie I shed a tear. Thank god she’s ok.” – fbspin
  2. “I bet the fire department said, “Never seen this before.” – Cabot Steward
  3. “At the beginning, I thought I know this language. Later I realized it is Polish, my native tongue xd.” – KatrinaKate
  4. “This “baby girl” knows that she is LOVED and has been taken care of. The baby’s efforts are amazing. Whoever shared this video…Thanks very much!” – Aesthetic Man
  5. “That was heartwarming :)” – TheGoden Bear
  6. “This was absolutely amazing!!” – Michi Leber
  7. “They all did a great job at helping her out and what a beautiful mare she is! :)” – crazyponygirl
  8. “I ❤ Poland.” – Jakub Drab

It’s amazing how their determination and clever thinking helped Freedom find the will to lift herself out of the maintenance pit. Please share this heartwarming story of a trapped horse getting the help she needed with your friends and family.

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