His Pit Bull Did the Same Thing Early Every Morning so He Set up a Night Cam

Dogs have pretty good internal clocks and are known for their incredible sense of time. They generally get up at the same time every day. People who get up early every day do as well but many of us like to hit the “snooze” button. But when this cute dog named “Grey” gets up, she wants her human to wake up too so she hilariously cries for him to wake up every morning. His owner set up a camera in night shot or night vision mode to capture the dog’s reaction. What he saw was nothing short of adorable.

His Pit Bull Wakes Him up Early Every Morning without a Clock.

Every morning, like clockwork, Grey the Pit Bull would cry and nudge her owner until he woke up. When he told her to come back, she would obediently return to her bed and wait until he got up. It was clear that Grey the dog had a strong sense of routine. She simply wanted her human to stick to it too!

Watch this real-life Pit Bull alarm clock with a “Snooze” feature!


The video of Grey the dog’s morning routine quickly went viral. People on social media around the world fell in love with her sweet and persistent behavior. Many dog owners could relate to Grey dog’s desire for routine and appreciated her dedication to making sure her human woke up on time. If I had a cute alarm clock like Grey the Pit Bull dog, I probably would get out of bed on time!

In a world where many of us rely on our phones to wake us up, Grey the dog serves as a reminder of the joy and companionship that dogs bring into our lives. Her cute and quirky personality has made her a fan favorite, and it’s clear that she has a special bond with her human.

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