Cat Tries to Wake up Her Sleepy Doggy Friend but What She Does Near the End Is Heartwarming

Cute Cat Desperatly Tries to Wake up Her Lazy Dog Friend.

It happens to all of us. We get up early ready to tackle the day but our partner or kids simply want to catch up on some sleep. Most cats and dogs love sleeping together but this adorable cat wants to play and she tries everything to wake up her doggy friend.

She begins by softly rubbing her head against his face but after she realizes that it isn’t working, she decides to use her paws and massage his neck. After many tries, she decides to roll up next to him and you then realize that these two are the best of friends.


I wonder if the dog ever tried to wake HER up, that would also be adorable. Please share this cute video of a cat trying to wake up his friend with your friends and family.

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