Blind Couple Find True Love With the Help of Their Guide Dogs

Blind Couple Find True Love With the Help of Their Guide Dogs.

Some people look incredibly hard for love but when it is meant to be, love will find you. That is exactly what happened to a lovely blind couple who both applied for guide dogs.

In order to be eligible for guide dogs, Claire Johnson, 50, and Mark Gaffey, 52, of Hanford, Stoke-On-Trent, had to attend a guide dog training course. It was an intensive training course that lasted 6 weeks and the blind couple connected the moment they met. Both their dogs loved spending time together and Claire and Mark soon realized that they loved spending time together as a blind couple too.

Watch this blind couple who found love while at a guide dog training course…


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  1. “Congrats!” – pridefighter99
  2. “Good luck awesome dogs as well.” – reksub
  3. “What a lovely story. So very happy for all of you! Keep us posted. May God continue His Blessings!” – 1Sugarpudding
  4. “Love is blind indeed.” – Matthew C
  5. “I wish you all the blessings. This is my version of a happy story.” – FaithfreedomFFI
  6. “Wonderful….” – Penny Ryan
  7. “Nice story, they look very happy.” – Lman Rman
  8. “Well, love is blind…” – Jeremy M
  9. “Awe.” – Cort and Jay
  10. “Make me thinking about 101 dalmatians.” – Cheezie ChubuChupaa
  11. “This is a great story! Apparently, not the most uncommon thing at guide dog training schools. I know three couples that met while first working with their guides. 🙂 Pretty neat combo in my opinion!” – Fields of Vision

This lovely blind couple got engaged and married in March of 2014. Please share this wonderful story of a blind couple who found true love thanks to their dogs with your friends and family.

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