Bunny the Abandoned Pit Bull Gets Rescued After Being Abandoned by Her Owners

Pet rescue organizations like Hope For Paws and Rescue From The Hart do amazing things and have saved countless lives. They even put their own lives in danger like when they rescued puppies stuck 18 feet into the ground.

This time, Hope For Paw’s founder, Eldad Hagar and his team found out a pit bull had been abandoned by her owners on a remote stretch of government property. When they found her, they attempted to draw her near them with some food; however, after being isolated for long, she didn’t trust anybody and was scared of humans.

Watch this amazing rescue of a scared abandoned Pit Bull that was struggling to survive…


Thankfully, they managed to find a way of rescuing her and that moment when her tail starts wagging, she will steal your heart! Please share this amazing rescue of an abandoned pit bull named Bunny with your friends and family.

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