Deep Sea Divers Find Alien-Like Sea Creature with a Colorful “Disco Ball” Head!

Divers Find Alien-Like Sea Creature with a Colorful Disco Ball Head.

With theĀ National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration estimating that 95% of the world’s oceans are unexplored, it makes you wonder why so much energy and money is spent on space exploration while our oceans remain a mystery.

When explorers dive to the bottom of the oceans, they find fish species so unbelievable that they often appear as extra-terrestrials. That was the case when divers found an alien-looking creature that looked like a black octopus. It also had a head that looked like a glowing disco ball!

While the first footage shows the animal from an overhead view, as it swims closer to the camera, it literally shows off its true colors. FindingĀ a new species is exciting and nothing is yet known about exactly what type of species it is.

Watch this alien-like sea creature that resembles a dark octopus with a colorful “disco ball” head!


With so many of our oceans unexplored, the ocean will remain a vast mystery for years to come. Please share this amazing unidentified sea creature with a glowing head with your friends and family.

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