Zookeepers Toss a Soccer Ball into One of the Lion’s Enclosures and Watch What He Does with It

Lion Loves Playing with Soccer Ball at the Johannesburg Zoo.

You probably already know that cats love chasing balls or yarn and they will go crazy when they find one to play with. This majestic lion may share 95% of the same DNA as cats but he likes to chase a soccer ball instead and he does so with the same enthusiasm.

Triton the lion is 11 years old and was born at the Johannesburg Zoo in South Africa where he shares his enclosure with seven female lions. But when the keepers toss him a soccer ball, he just wants to play soccer by himself or maybe he wants to impress the ladies with his soccer proficiency?

Watch this lion with soccer ball playing soccer…


Either way, Triton loves playing ball and I for one would want to be the one to take the ball away from him! Please share this adorable lion that loves playing with his soccer ball with your friends and family.

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