These Cute Dogs Didn’t Behave. Their Owners Got Even in the Most Hilarious Way!

Dogs are cute but sometimes they do things that make us shake our heads but we still love them. These owners decided to bring a little dog shaming using only a piece of paper and a sharpie and I think it worked!

I don’t think these dogs know that they might have done something bad but we welcome them to the “Dog Shaming Hall of Shame” nonetheless. How could we stay mad at them, they’re so darn cute!

1) A great way to scare the neighbors.

It reads, “I growl at my own penis when I get excited…it embarrasses my mom =(”

2) “I feel pretty, oh so pretty…”

It reads, “I went into my mom’s purse while she was asleep, ate a tube of bright red lipstick, and chewed up 3 $1 bills.”

3) He is trying to cut down though.

It reads, “I have eaten 2 Bibles in the last week.”

4) I don’t think it picks up liquid.

It reads, “I peed on the Roomba – Maralynn.”

5) Anything with the word “projectile” in it is usually bad.

It reads, “I stole some raw yeast dough and had explosive farts and projectile diarrhea for days.”

6) Maybe someday…

It reads, “I’m a Golden Retriever but I never retrieve gold.”

7) A good reminder to always wash your fruit.

It reads, “I climbed up on the counter and peed on the apples.”

8) Ummm, I think you missed a spot.

It reads, “I lick the couch…a lot…”

9) In his defense, it looked like a fire hydrant.

It reads, “I peed on a little girl’s leg at the dog park :(”

10) That’s gotta hurt.

It reads, “I ate 13 keys off my dad’s laptop. Now I have the alphabet poops.”

11) Please don’t ask for a withdrawal.

It reads, “I’m so bad!! I ate the federal refund check 🙁 I ate the state check!”

12) An honest mistake.

It reads, “When I’m on mommy & daddy’s bed, I bite at the lumps under the blankets. Sometimes it’s a hand. Sometimes it’s a testicle.”

13) “Hey, it’s what I do”

It reads, “I steal pacifiers!! :(”

14) It’s only in self-defense.

It reads, “I pin him to the floor by standing on his ears. I pee on his head.”

15) Chinese food and pizza? I would have done the same thing…smart doggy!

It reads, “I locked mom out of her car so I could eat all the take-out Chinese food + half a pizza. She had to call a locksmith.”

16) That is creepy but hilarious.

It reads, “I chewed the face off an antique stuffed panda bear.”

17) He’s officially on the “naughty” list.

It reads, “I ate the gingerbread house and my mom called Santa!”

18) I think he wants to finish the job 🙂

It reads, “I am an underwear eating jerk!”

19) Peppy felt like poopy.

It reads, “I farted on the vet so badly she had to check to see if I pooped on her! XOXO Peppy.”

20) He has expensive tastes.

It reads, “Most dogs eat the garbage or the kids’ homework. But I ate mommy’s $45 Victoria’s Secret bra & that kind of makes me an asshole.”

21) I’m sure he only means it sometimes.


22) It’s never easy being the younger brother.

It reads, “I pee on my brother at least once a week. I’m the brother.”

23) One person’s trash is another dog’s treasure.

It reads, “I eat the trash.”

24) Ear plugs (and noseplugs) might come in handy.

It reads, “I fart so loudly, I wake myself up :(”

25) Too much information.

It reads, “I poop in dark bedrooms…and I eat the evidence :(”

26) That’s what that was…

It reads, “I…pooped in the AC vent. Now the entire house smells!”

27) He’s now on a 12-step program.

It reads, “0 days since I ate the cat litter.”

28) The kids won’t give him a turn on the slide.

It reads, “I poop at the bottom of the kids’ slide.”

29) Where did the bra end up?

It reads, “I just threw up a thong…”

30) Look at that smile, he looks so proud!

It reads, “I eat bunny poop!”

31) Again, too much information guys.

It reads, “I pooed on the floor…and I ate it.”

32) Yep, he does eat everything.

32 Hilarious Dog Shaming Photos - Yep, he does eat everything.

It reads, “I eat everything.”

These dogs might have no idea they are being shamed but their facial expression does appear like they are sorry. What’s life without a little hijinks from our favorite canines!

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