He Notices THIS While Driving on a Snowy Highway. When He Slows Down, He Can’t Believe His Eyes!

Driver in Hornepayne, Ontario Narrowly Avoids 4 Moose.

When you’re driving at night, one of the scariest moments is encountering animals on the highway or losing control of your vehicle due to bad road conditions. One driver in Hornepayne, Ontario experienced both of those events at the same time!

As the driver, James Levesque notices a herd of moose in front of him, he slowly hits the brakes. As the car struggled to stop because of icy conditions, the driver had no choice but to swerve his way through the four moose which began running away from the car.

Watch as a vehicle narrowly avoids 4 moose on a snowy road in Northern Ontario…


This incident could have been tragic for the driver and the animals. Stopping safely in these conditions is nearly impossible since applying too much pressure on the brakes could have made the driver lose control of the vehicle. The driver did the right thing and with a little luck at play, he avoided the 4 moose safely.

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from the video, “Car narrowly avoids 4 moose on snowy road” by The Weather Network:

  1. “People that are blaming the driver clearly never driven in snow before. Heck, they probably never even seen snow.” – DaveMusic
  2. “A little bit of luck and a little bit of driving skill there – well done! If you had slammed on the brakes, you would have most likely broadsided three of them and you, and they would be no more…” – Kerry Cowan
  3. “Santa Clause was making his commute back to the North Pole apparently.” – MrCrockaG
  4. “Just a typical day in Canada.” – sweiland75
  5. “This video is too Canadian for its own good.” – E000
  6. “Yup 4 moose on the road. just another day in Canada ;)” – bebsho

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