A Teenager Found a Starving Horse on the Side of the Road. What She Did next Is Incredible.

Teenage Girl Saves Starving Horse Lying on the Side of a Road.

Kelsey, an Illinois teenager, was driving with her mom to her next swap meet when her mom decided to take another route. As they drove down the road, they noticed an emaciated horse lying on the side of the road. They knew they had to stop.

The horse was certainly abused because of all the whip marks on her body. They speculated that she must have run away from her home in search of food. They tried to get her onto their trailer; however, after many attempts, Kelsey knew they only they could get it to their home would be to walk there.

Her home was 9 miles away but she walked with the starving horse and after 4 hours of walking, they finally reached their destination and immediately started nursing the horse back to health. Watch the amazing transformation and the sheer will of Kelsey to do everything she can to help her recover.

Watch this girl saving a starving horse…


Kelsey and her mom agree that they were destined to drive down that road on that particular day and they are thankful they did. Please share this heartwarming story of a starving horse saved by a teenage girl with your friends and family.

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