When Heroes Rescue Him, This Abused Carriage Horse Can’t Contain His Joy!

Abused Carriage Horse Can't Contain His Joy After Being Rescued.

We often read about rescued dogs or cats but other domesticated animals are often neglected and need help. That was the case for Bobby II, a New York Carriage Horse that spent most of his life pulling tourists across Central Park.

The unfortunate truth is that many horses are sent off to slaughter when they are deemed “too old” to work. Equine Advocates, an animal protection agency in New York rescued Bobby II. Today, the retired horse gets to live the life he deserves. He even gets to spend time with other horses at Safe Home Equine Rescue & Sanctuary where he will never have to work again.

Watch a New York City Carriage Horse rescued from slaughter…



Thankfully, just like this rescued wild horse that was saved by a vet, Bobby II will enjoy his new life; however, not all horses will enjoy his same fate. If you’d like to help save other horses like Bobby II, please donate to Safe Haven Equine Rescue and Retirement Home and your pocket change can change a horse’s life.

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