This Dog Was Supposed to Be Put to Death in His Late Owner’s Will. Then, a Christmas Wish Came True…

Dogs and all pets for that matter are part of the family. We care for our pets and generally want what is best for them and will do everything to ensure they are happy.

Bela the dog recently lost his owner and in her will, the late owner had two options for the pet. To either have Bela euthanized and cremated with his ashes put in the same urn as hers or to have the pet delivered to the Best Friends no-kill sanctuary, home to over 1,700 animals and is located on 3,700 acres in the red rock country of Southern Utah.

The Executor of her will decided to have Bela stay at Best Friends Animal Society instead of being euthanized.

Gregory Castle, CEO, and Co-Founder of Best Friends Animal Society is pleased that Bela is now safe.

The loving staff at Best Friends make Bela feel comfortable in his new home where he’ll be happy and in good hands.

Christmas wishes do come true and it certainly did for this beautiful dog. He now can continue having a great life and give joy to so many others.

The caregiver who spent several days bringing Bela to Best Friends gives his new friend a huge hug.


While we sometimes don’t think of it, there are possibilities that pets might outlive their owners for whatever reason so please think of this before buying a pet or make arrangements to ensure their safety later on. Please share this great story with friends and family.

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