A Dog Was Chained Outside and Neglected for Over 10 Years. Here Is What He Did When a Man Put His Hand in Front of Him.

A Dog Named Rusty Diamond Is Saved from a Life of Neglect.

A man named Jared walked by a home three years ago and noticed a dog tied up in the backyard in the scorching summer heat of Phoenix, Arizona. Over time, he continued walking by and always noticed that the dog was hiding from the sunlight under a porch and appeared neglected. Animals being neglected is one of the most heartbreaking things to see but he wanted to do something about it.

One day, he decided to stop and try to interact with the dog by putting his hand through the fence. The dog was not aggressive and enjoyed the attention of someone caring for him. But, as Jared was about to get up, he noticed the homeowner walking towards him. Watch what he says to the dog owner and how his action changes this poor dog’s life.


He ended up naming him Rusty Diamond. It is so heartwarming knowing that Rusty will have a forever home to enjoy the rest of his life. Please share this heartwarming rescue of a dog that was neglected for years with your friends and family.

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