Mother Cat Bravely Saves Her Kitten from Danger after It Rolls Down a Rocky Trench

Mother Cat Saves Her Kitten after It Rolls Down a Rocky Trench.

A mother’s love is the strongest love of all and the same applies to all animals. This mother cat looks worried as she watches her kitten trying to climb up a rocky trench.

Only when the kitten rolls further down the hill does she realize she needs to act fast. It’s amazing how people and animals can look at fear in the eyes when they sense someone in danger.

Note: while the video resolution is low, this may also be a puppy. Regardless, this mother cat is brave, fearless, and has a heart of gold.

Watch this mother cat saving her kitten after it falls in a trench…


Reading the YouTube comments, many people complain the individual videotaping should have helped. It’s important to remember that some animals can reject their newborns when they’ve been touched by humans so this may have been one reason. Do you think this person should have helped the kitten?

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