Dog Farts in His Sleep. The Cat’s Reaction Will Have You LOL!

When you’re trying to sleep, your dog’s occasional fart can be annoying. Dogs aren’t aware of etiquette when it comes to sleeping close to their humans and you’d think other animals would give them a free pass. But when one funny dog is caught farting in his sleep, his cat friend’s reaction is hilarious!

The video shows a dog sleeping on the bed next to a cat, and he lets out a stinky fart. The cat is lying next to him and notices it immediately. After catching a scent, the feline immediately unleashes its paws of fury on the sleeping dog and wakes him up.

Watch this dog farting in his sleep and making his cat friend angry…


The cat’s reaction is absolutely hilarious to watch! I wonder if that poor dog will try THAT again!

Here are my favorite YouTube comments from the video, “Dog Sleep Farting Makes Cat Angry” by The Paw:

  1. “As long as theres people recording the really important stuff in life, like this, we’ll all be just fine.” – Ric Powers
  2. “Cats literally have no fear. When they are offended they take action 😂” – MrFookayu
  3. “Can’t even imagine the smell since their nose is like 10-100x stronger than ours.” – David T
  4. “First the explosion, then the fallout. And when that “scent” reached that cat’s nose, cat couldn’t stand it anymore…gave the dog a Mike Tyson 1-2 punch. Am surprised dog survived those haymakers. Dog needs a standing eight count, just to determine if the dog is safe and can still continue to sleep, or– heaven forbid– be put to sleep.” – joseltp
  5. “That must’ve smelled pretty bad, those paw jabs packed serious power.” – Jay R
  6. “Damn, those were legit hard punches as well.😂” – xiaorishu

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