New Mother Kept a Secret From Her Family and Friends but Their Reactions Are Priceless

New Mother of Twins Kept a Secret From Her Family and Friends.

So many new parents want to be surprised by their newborn that they sometimes don’t want to know whether they’re going to have a girl or a boy. Korey and Sharon Rademacher knew the sex of the child but kept it a secret from their family and friends including another tidbit of information.

That little tidbit of information is that they were getting twins. Once their family and friends arrive at the hospital, they cannot believe their eyes. It is such a touching moment and the reaction from everybody was priceless.

Watch this new mother keeping the best secret ever!


Hiding twins while pregnant must not be easy and not wanting to tell anybody must have been very difficult! I’m sure they wanted to tell the world once they knew. But they managed to keep it a secret until the very end and it was worth it.

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