Dogs Have Emotions Too and This Tragic Photo Just Broke My Heart

An image can invoke so many emotions. The following image of a dog staying beside another dog that was hit by a car is heartbreaking. If you have ever owned a dog or any pet for that matter, you will understand that pets are capable of feeling joy, fear, love, and of course sadness.

When a stray dog was hit by a car, his best friend stays by his side until help arrives. The images speak volumes about the unconditional love that animals have for each other and for their owners.

This just hurts my heart…

Dogs Have Emotions and This Tragic Photo Just Broke My Heart.

H/t: ViralNova

Someone later arrived to help; however, the dog, unfortunately,¬†succumbed to its injuries but not without feeling the love and support of his best friend. Just like this tiny koala that stayed by its mom’s side during her life-saving surgery,¬†seeing any animal in distress is heartbreaking.

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