These Dogs Are so Afraid of Walking Past the Family Cat That You Won’t Be Able to Stop Laughing

You Shall Not Pass, Dog! Dogs Afraid of Cats Compilation.

Cats and dogs could either be the best of friends or the worst of enemies such as this 50 pound Boxer afraid of a 5-pound cat. It is incredibly funny that the largest of dogs could be afraid of walking past a small cat; however, many of them are.

The following dogs are deftly afraid of cats in this hilarious compilation video uploaded by YouTuber happymedulla. It contains some of the funniest instances where the cat has the upper paw in this dog and cat relationship.

Watch hilarious dogs afraid of cats. These cats have the upper paw in this dog and cat relationship!


It is so cute how some dogs just avoid the situation and try to find another way to pass when the cat says, “You shall not pass, dog!”

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