An Officer Caught a Mother Shoplifting. When He Looked at Her Kids Feet, He Was Heartbroken.

Police Officer Pays for Shoplifted Groceries of Homeless Mom.

When Officer Mark Engravalle responded to a shoplifting call at a local Walmart in Roeland Park, Kansas, he was shocked when he spoke to the suspect. A mother of six children, Sarah, cried as she explained why and what she stole. She took nearly $300 worth of diapers, baby wipes, children’s clothing, and groceries. As the officer looked at her family, three of her children weren’t even wearing shoes. He also learned that the family was homeless and living out of an old car. Her husband died in an accident four years ago and she and her family have been struggling since.

The officer who also has two children of his own was deeply touched by what he heard. Even if what this mother had to do for her family was wrong. “Walmart might see her as a criminal, but I just saw her as a mom going through a really difficult time,” he said. Because it was still an offense, Officer Engravalle had to write Sarah a minor ticket for shoplifting; however, he then walked into Walmart and paid for all the items the mother stole out of his own pocket.

Watch this police officer pay for groceries of a homeless mother caught shoplifting.

Roeland Park police then created a line to accept donations for Sarah and her six children. One local radio station also raised more than $6,000 donated by its listeners! There are so many homeless families in need and it’s heartwarming to see how one family at a time gets the help they need to get back up on their feet.

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